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Visiting Brussels next week and need a bit of local transport knowledge

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ScottOfTheArseAntics Wed 11-Apr-12 13:58:35

Hello Brussels smile

I am coming over next week for a meeting and would be very grateful if anybody living in Brussels could tell me about the GO ticket. I would like to know if it covers trains as well as Metro and Tram.

I am only staying one night and that is the night prior to my meeting after which I have to get straight back to UK.

I am planning to fly in to Brussels International Airport then take the train from the airport to Brussels Centraal and the metro to Trone/Troon which is near to my hotel and meeting place. I will then do the same journey in reverse the following day.

I am hoping that I can purchase one ticket at the airport on arrival that will cover all of my train/metro travel to save fannying around with change and ticket machines on the way back. Is there a 24hr or 2 day GO ticket that will do that?

Thanks in advance.


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