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dchabrut Sun 26-Feb-12 12:35:22

Forgive me if this is inappropriate, I am new to Mumsnet.
I live in La Bruyere between Namur and Gembloux. Saw your thread and was wondering if there were other Mums out there interested in meeting up?

Rosita Wed 04-Jan-12 21:31:33

Have sent you a PM. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Portofino Wed 04-Jan-12 15:25:49

Oh yes - the more the merrier!

turningitaround Wed 04-Jan-12 13:16:25

Ooh - could you add me too, please? I'll PM you ...

Portofino Mon 02-Jan-12 21:15:55

Good idea! We have rough plans for a girly meet up sometime soon - or lunch tends to be popular....

Are you on the spreadsheet/FB group yet? Not many people look at the MN Local - Living Overseas tends to be more viewed. Send me a PM with your email address and I can get you added if you are not on already. There are LOADS of us in Belgium now.....

Rosita Mon 02-Jan-12 21:01:51

I've never done this before so not sure how to go about it, but I'd love to meet some of you! I live near Mons but quite happy to travel to Brussels / wherever convenient for everyone. It's about time I met some people in my own right other than through my dh's job!
Anyone interested?

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