play groups and friends in shortlands/bromley

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QueenCrystal Sat 16-May-09 13:52:27

i'm moving to shortlands in the next couple of months. can anyone tell me about play groups and kiddy stuff to do in the area? I've got 2 DC - 6 mths and 2 yrs.

MissSunny Tue 19-May-09 00:36:19

Message withdrawn

elle23 Tue 26-May-09 09:47:09

Beckenham Place Park isn't far and they have a hut near the entrance ("The Place") where they run Toy Library sessions, stay & play and arts & crafts. Goldsmiths Community Centre is about 5 mins away by bus too and they run groups everyday except sunday, even during school holidays.
There's a good stay & play group called ToyBox in Downham Way Family Church on a Thursday - very friendly, very large hall, loads of toys. Rascals in Bellingham is like adventure kingdom but cheaper grin

tessaphotographer Thu 04-Jun-09 16:45:14


I've only just moved into the area, Beckenham, and are still discoreving things to do.

There are lots of things to do in both directions from Shortlands;

Kelsey Park in Beckenham is great with a nice playground and birds to feed.
Beckenham Spa has a great swimming pool for children and a softplay area. Another, bigger softplay area can be found at Gambado's. And the mentioned Beckenham Place park is great for walks, football and picnics. There's also a playground next to it with water feature.

In Bromley you can find playgrounds and children's swimming pool with waves (my three year old loves it!).

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