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Suse1975 Wed 18-Jul-07 12:21:14

I am a mum to two girls, one aged nearly 23 months and the other just 5 weeks! I would like to find out about some good toddler/play groups in Bromley or Chislehurst that I can take my toddler to. I know there are so many but some are better than others. If anyone knows of any good ones I would be very interested in finding out about them. Thanks.

youpeskykids Thu 19-Jul-07 00:21:41

Hi there Sus1975 - do you want a pre-school type thing, or something fairly informal that you just pay for by the session?

I too live in Bromley with DS1 3.5 and DS2 15 weeks.

Whilst I only have experience of Nursery/Pre-school, friends have used playgroups, so I can always ask them for you.

Have you checked the library/your local church - even if church isn't your thing, they often have good playgroups!

The Bromley Grapevine magazine has just come out, and that has details of all local playgroups (as well as lots of other useful stuff).

Suse1975 Thu 19-Jul-07 21:47:10

Hi Youpeskykids - thanks for replying. I am looking for both informal and more structured groups. I already go to Monkey Music which is great. Having a newborn,I can't always get out on time - if at all! - so having a group where I can just drop in is also good. That would be great if you could ask your friends - I have heard of some playgroups but I am interested in finding out which ones are recommended.

I will look out for the Bromley Grapevine - thanks!

youpeskykids Thu 19-Jul-07 23:08:18

Hi again - whereabouts in Bromley are you? or where are you looking/hoping to go along?

margosbeenplayingwithmynoonoo Fri 20-Jul-07 11:38:00

There is an NCT group on Tuesdays 10-12

Normal hours next week, then there's a teddy bears picnic in the Library gardens the week after, then they're off for 2 weeks - AFAIK it's the only one open over the holidays.

Suse1975 Sat 21-Jul-07 20:56:48

I live near Sundridge Park. I have been to the NCT group on Tuesdays a couple of times - really easy for me to get there as I can walk. The last time I went it was absolutely packed and slightly chaotic but the other time was quieter and much easier to chat to other mums. My toddler was very quick to notice the biscuits and hung around the tea area hoping to get lucky!

I was chatting to a nanny at that group who mentioned a playgroup on Southlands Road but I don't know anymore than that. There is also another playgroup on College Road on Thursdays which I have been to once. You are probably thinking why I am asking about more playgroups (!) but it is always nice to know about other places to go!

Thanks for the info ...

Wags Thu 26-Jul-07 16:48:22

There is a play group in Southlands Road every Thursday 10-12 in the Jubilee Centre which is 157 Southlands Road. I have only been going for a while. I have a DD of 4 and DS of 2. He always seemed to miss out with groups etc so thats why I have started going. Its really sweet, busy I think but I haven't been to any others to compare. They get a snack of fruit, biscuit and drink. Lots of toys to play with, a table where they can draw and some weeks there is a special activity they did those shrinkie things for Fathers Day recently. Also a sing song time as well. Its open throughout the summer. I won't be there for the next few weeks but plant to go when I can.

pooka Thu 25-Oct-07 22:07:10

I know lots of people who go to the Southlands Road one and like it (hi Wags wink) DS (2) goes with his childminder each week - was there today with her, her ds (2), my dd (who is 4) and CMs dd (also 4).
Also, was chatting at the school gates to another mum, and she goes to a playgroup at the (baptist?) church on Hayes Lane, near the Ravensbourne School (other side of the road, before you get to the school, on the left if travelling from Masons Hill towards Hayes).
She said it's very friendly and welcoming.

pooka Thu 25-Oct-07 22:08:14

Sorry - can't remember what day it's on, but think it may also be on a Thursday morning?

Laurbom Tue 30-Oct-07 13:18:18

hello, I also go to the one in Southlands rd, and don't have much experience of playgroups (only been to the nct one same as you) but I think its great. For your tiny one there is a sectioned off bit with a couple of baby gyms to put baby down in safety. Usually quite busy some weeks busier than others, very friendly girls that run it.

Suse1975 Sun 04-Nov-07 20:51:16

Hi. Its me again! I can't believe the last time I posted a message was 21st July and now its November! Thanks for replies about toddler groups. Funnily enough last week I bumped into a lady I know who told me about the toddler group in Southlands Road and she recommended it too. Turns out, she knows one of you guys who replied - she was telling me that her friend had replied to someone on mumsnet and I said it was me who posted the orginal message! Small world....

Anyway, I shall definitely be going along this week so I may well meet some of you soon!

Thanks again.

MrsHorgro Mon 21-Jan-08 15:48:06

Hi ladies! I have an almost 2-yr old and am looking for a nursery for her for a couple of morns or arvos a week. She needs it, plus have another bubs due in 9 weeks. I'm in Beckenham, so any recommendations for my area wd be really helpful. smile

cornflakemummie Fri 01-Feb-08 05:17:56

Hi Don't know about nursery's in Beckenham but there is a good mums/tots called Razzle Dazzle on a wednesday morning that I used to go to with my DS. My friend told me that they are thinking about doing a tuesday morning too as they have a big waiting list. It's held at Citygate Church by the war memorial roundabout.

makingtracks Wed 27-Aug-08 19:25:38

Hiya, Back to question about toddler groups - there are a few good ones in Chislehurst.

ABC Club at Christ Church, Lubbock Road. Monday 1.30-3 p.m. during termtime; plus there is an activity-based group run by the Chislehurst Parents' Group called Wednesday Kids on Wednesday afternoons, 1.45 - 3 p.m, fortnightly at Chislehurst (St Nicholas) Village Hall, Church Lane, BR7 5PE. There is a different activity each week for mums (carers) and their under fives. The first session is on Wednesday 3 September and is a song and stories sessions with Ruby the puppet from Chislehurst library; 17 September is the woman who runs Talking Tots, 1 October is a toddler falconry display with owls and hawks and it goes on from there. It's great because it is quite different and it's good value - £2.50- £3 per child; under 1s go free. I've just started to help run it, and am now taking no.2 to it! I found it a really good way to make friends - sometimes toddler groups can be a bit daunting but this one because you're actually sharing an activity together seems to be a good ice-breaker! Anyway, long message!!! Hope useful.

Annaandarek Fri 26-Sep-08 12:52:32

Hi Girls,
I'm a mother of a three month old, very lonely at home (I was working full time before giving birth) I would love to meet other mums with babes in similar age, any ideas where I can meet them? By the way I'm from area Greenwich/Bromley.....

FrockHorror Fri 26-Sep-08 13:11:03

Hi Annanadarek.

I'm in Penge with a 3mo. I don't go to any toddler groups, but I do venture to the children's centres round here.

milly18 Mon 07-Sep-09 11:02:54

im a mum with a18month old and im looking 4 a mother n toddler group 2 take her 2 as she is nt very good at sharing im looking for the groups in bromley chislehurst areas thanks

makingtracks Thu 04-Feb-10 19:55:06

Chislehurst Parents Group is fab - on Wednesdays pm at Chislehurst Village Hall (St Nicks church hall), Church Lane. E-mail the organiser: Kelly at

Gris Wed 24-Sep-14 11:32:53

Hello. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and we have just moved to the Bromley area (Kings Avenue).
I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good playgroups or parks where I could take him.
Many thanks

keai7 Tue 04-Nov-14 06:40:38

Hi Gris, have you found any since moving there? I am looking for the same info.

Gris Tue 25-Nov-14 18:47:20

Hi keai7,
We now go to Gymboree in Bromley which is great and gave also started to go swimming at the pavillion. Slightly pricey but he loved it.
We also tried monkey music which was good but my son didn't really get into it. They have free trial classes though.

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