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botwotworks Sun 12-Mar-17 20:32:48

I have a child in year 4, so the nightmare time of where to go for year seven is a few years away.

She's in the top group for maths & literacy. I think she's smart, but her dad & I think she needs to be challenged in what she does, or she will coast.

We think a selective school, surrounded by smart, ambitious kids will work well for her, so would like her to go to a grammar. We know we'll need to tutor go be on the same level with similar children for the entry tests.

My thing is - is it worthwhile doing all this, when perhaps she's not really that smart ? By this I mean, either that she's not going to be able to keep up, or that the pass mark will be so ridiculously high it's just not attainable for her.

A few people have suggested that getting a tutor to assess her is the way to go, but I think this is a little self serving. Wouldn't the tutor just say "yes", know that it's just providing more revenue for themselves?

So my question is this; - can anyone recommend a good honest tutor who could make a fair assessment? I'm not concerned if they're booked up for regular tutoring (for the next 5 years), I just want a couple of hours of their time somewhere in the next few months.


PettsWoodMum Mon 13-Mar-17 00:54:33

The tutoring industry plays on parents concerns. There are some tutors who state they get 100% pass rate and pre select bright children. Then other tutors who dish out the same training regardless of the skills of the student. Once parents engage a tutor they will often take a back seat and think all is ok when in reality they know their child best. DD was at a school with lots of bright girls and she was still top in vocabulary, reading and maths. We tried a tutor for a few weeks and they were clearly ineffective. Despite working FT we decided to help DD and looked up the test types, arranged for a couple of mock tests that identified any weak areas and worked through it ourselves. The key was though DD wanted to do the tests and was self motivated. It seemed to do the trick as when we were submitting our CAF she had the choice of Bexley, Kent and Bromley grammars and she is now in Y7 at the school of her choice. You don't always need a tutor and every child and family is different. So sorry for the long answer which doesn't give details of a tutor to assess but sounds like if you have a bright daughter some regular home familiarisation may just do the trick.

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