Hayes, advise please!

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Feellikerubbish Thu 09-Mar-17 09:58:27

We have been thinking of moving to Hayes and have been looking at houses since before Christmas. I have noticed some houses being on the market for quite some time. Some have come off the market so assuming was sold but recently put back on again. Also noticed quite a few of the houses for sale have kids bedroom or trampolines suggesting they have kids. I have heard lots of good comments tsum about Hayes school and this is the reason why we are thinking of moving into the area but I'm puzzled why houses within half mile to the school are not being snapped up quickly or why are people selling if the school is very good?

Anyone could give me some information?!

It will be a big move for us, moving away from friends and family to start over and we would like to know more before making the decision!

Thank you

Patry Sun 12-Mar-17 06:25:25

I can only think that is because the market isn't great right now, generally, everywhere.
But I don't love in Hayes so I don't have specific insight knowledge.

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