Moving to br1 advice needed please

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Imustbemad00 Fri 28-Oct-16 22:44:25

I might be moving to br1. Which I think is downham. Google searches are telling me the area is rough but I am originally from elephant and castle and cannot imagine it being much worse. It looks ok to me on street view so what am I missing? Also I can't find any secondary schools that have good ofsted close by and this would be a big factor in me moving. I'll have missed the cut off date for applications by the time I move, in fact I've already applied in my area so does anyone know what would happen?
Grateful for any info

MummyPigsFatTummy Sat 29-Oct-16 10:15:45

BR1 covers a large area including central bromley. It is not just downham, which is definitely the cheaper end of the borough with a bit of a rough reputation in parts. But like everywher there are rough bits and nicer bits so it depends where you end up . The second part of your postcode will tell you more about where you will be.

There are good secondaries in bromley but you will need to narrow down where exactlly you will be to decide if they are a realistic distance from them.

Imustbemad00 Sat 29-Oct-16 11:10:36

It's is definitely downham end, postcode comes under downham. But to me it doesn't look rough. Just wondering if the better schools would be to far too travel and for catchment areas

PettsWoodMum Mon 31-Oct-16 22:30:40

You are on the border with Lewisham there so will most likely get a Lewisham school as there aren't any Bromley schools nearby. There are some undersubscribed Bromley schools like Harris Orpington (was Priory) and Chislehurst school for girls (was Beaverwood) that would most likely have places but would also be a pain to get to from Downham. Bromley have a change of address option by first week of December I believe but the schools still have to be on your Form in your order of preference- that doesn't change. If you are part of the pan London admissions application you can amend your choice upto midnight online. However if you don't have a firm plan / addrsss it is a risky move to chance it.

ghostspirit Tue 01-Nov-16 21:28:23

I lived in downham until a few weeks back. sad I really liked it. I don't think it's rough. It's pretty quite. Some parts of downham come under lewisham brough. And some under bromley. If where your moving to is bromley end you might get your children in a bromley school. Which I think are better schools. What ever you do. Do not put Sedgehill down as a choice. Itso a horrible school. I'm actually downham you only have a few shops like a small tesco and Icelandst a couple of diy/hardware shops. News agents a hair dressers couple take aways and couple of cafes. For main shopping you would want bromley. Maybe catford/lewisham

TheVeryHungryDieter Tue 01-Nov-16 21:32:55

Be prepared for the culture shock! I'm in BR3 after moving from Borough. If you're English yourself maybe you won't notice it so much, but for me, I came to London to study and then work. So it's the first time in 12 years I've left the city, and I feel like I'm in England properly for the first time ever. I feel more like a foreigner here than I ever did living centrally.

Imustbemad00 Tue 01-Nov-16 23:01:54

It's a Bromley post code the worry I have is that I've already applied for schools in my local area so if I do move I'm worried they would just stick her in any school that have places which would likely be sedgehill or knights academy which are fairly close and have terrible ofsteds. Hayes and ravensbourne are not too far but seeing as I won't of applied I don't think we would stand a chance.
The area looks ok to me and I drive so don't need everything on my doorstep anyway.
It's an exchange I'm hoping to do so may not happen, just wish it was a few months ago because of the school situation. My youngest will be starting reception in September aswell and he really loves the school nursery he's at so I've got the worry of trying to get him into an equally good primary.

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 01-Nov-16 23:27:28

Primary schools aren't so bad wherever you are I don't think. In Downham, if you are the Bromley side there is Burnt Ash Primary which I understand is doing very well. You might be in catchment for Scotts Park Primary in Bromley and, if you are Catholic, possibly St Josephs Primary, also Bromley. Secondary wise, in Downham there is a mixed secondary, Bonus Pastor, also Catholic I believe, but it might be worth looking at. I have no idea how good it is though.

ghostspirit Wed 02-Nov-16 10:16:53

My son gos to Sedgehill it's horrible he said there is 15 mins learning because all these kids play up. I did not even put Sedgehill as a choice ffs. It really does depend what end of downham you are though. I lived at one end and my child did not get into any of these bromley schools. But then someone I know other end of downham did get into bromley school. And when I was also living in a different part of downham my daughter got in to an Eltham school. Colinsburgh seems ok from what I have heard.

Primary schools downderry has just got outstanding for their ofstead but as a poster above said most of them primary schools are ok from what I have heard.

mummie11 Mon 07-Nov-16 12:37:19


I am looking into Primary Schools and would like to ask for feedback regarding Harris academy..any really.. Are they demanding? Do they have what it takes to turn a school that requires improvement into an outstanding school?

Thank you!

Addictedtoflapjacks Tue 08-Nov-16 14:34:44

We moved from Downham last year and was lucky to get into La fontaine academy in Bromley. Downham is a nice area and in terms of schools it depends what part you live in. We lived in a red area so only 1 or 2 schools we might have got offered.

Majority of Downham come under Lewisham borough and depending which part you live rangefield and downderry both good schools could be an option also burnt ash comes under Bromley could also possibly get in.

Other options if it's a Bromley school your after then a new school or under subscribed school - Harris academy beckenham (good school and new) or worsely bridge (not great ofsted report).

Many also go lancelot in Downham not heard good things about or haberdasher which is an all through school (mixed reviews based on here say).

Secondary there is Harris Bromley girls (undersubscribed) haberdasher (under subscribed mixed reviews) Coniston is a good school, Sedgehill (don't know much about it) bonus pastor (catholic) and also many have got into ravensbourne however catchment Is shrinking so may be to far out. Chislehurst school I've heard good things and few from Downham attend.
It really boils down to what part I'd Downham you live but overall it's a nice area. Just not a wide choice of outstanding schools but there are good options still available.

VanillaLatte13 Tue 22-Nov-16 10:20:16

I've lived in Downham (Lewisham part) for 7 years and raised there my two DC. Horrible area, people, schools. We had so many issues with anti social behaviour and my DC's didn't have many friends due to the discipline issues. They have been to Merlin and Launcelot. We could not move before as I was not working at the time and we could not afford a better area. Renting was not an option as the living cost is the same and we didn't want to pay for someone else's mortgage.
Just to mention that there was a crime opposite the Downham tavern couple of years ago and the blood on the way to Launcelot was not cleaned for a week ...

We now live in Bickley/Chislehurst area. Massive difference with parents, schools, neighbours, everything. Bullers Wood for Girls has an excellent reputation and the catchment is 3 miles so if you are Bromley Borough you may get your DD there.

Rangefield and Burnt Ash are indeed outstanding schools and not far from Downham.

EleanorRugby Tue 22-Nov-16 14:45:24

The catchment for Bullets Wood isn't 3 miles, it was 1.4 miles for the last couple of years and will only get smaller as more school places are needed. So unfortunately you wouldn't be in the catchment for Bullets Wood if you lived in Downham.

Addictedtoflapjacks Fri 25-Nov-16 02:13:18

I would definitely say the parts close to the leisure centre seem to be the most rough part of Downham. I lived behind the Iceland and that part was very quiet. Majority of the people very friendly.

wetalina Tue 18-Apr-17 03:33:33

Hello all

I need some help,recently moved to widmore road-BR1. I have a 4yrs old son and 17 months old.I got to understand the nurseries are very expensive around here, any pointers on good nannies for my little one?

Also I am quite late on the reception admissions and got the form from the council,can you please advise on the best primary schools around?

Thanks all for your response

RachelRagged Tue 18-Apr-17 08:21:18

I live in Downham OP . Grove Park end (Downham is rather large, was in fact the largest Estate in Europe at one point I time) . I am happy enough here and one DS goes to the local school (used to be Malory) and I have some complaints but that is to do with the fact he is being bullied and school don't much give a damn it appears.

VanillaLatte CHARMING .. Thanks !

RachelRagged Tue 18-Apr-17 08:23:48

Oh you are now in Bickley/Chiselhurst .. Not my old landlady are you !!?

RachelRagged Tue 18-Apr-17 08:25:36

Many also go lancelot in Downham not heard good things about or haberdasher which is an all through school (mixed reviews based on here say).

Two of the friends I know moved their kids from Lancelot (talking years ago , no idea how it is now) to Downderry where my youngest DSs went .
Knight's Academy is where my boy goes but instead of excluding bullies they tell you to keep your kid home when being bullied ! Then come knocking warning about fines!

RachelRagged Tue 18-Apr-17 08:26:52

Also, whomever said the Moorside area and where the pub is can be rough . Yes it can but I don't venture up there much and certainly not of a night (I have no need too for one thing).

RachelRagged Tue 18-Apr-17 08:29:32

God its a zombie thread . . I am SOOOO Sorry folks , ,didn't notice that .

Wetalina . There is a nursery on Widmore Road but I suppose it may well be expensive . The only primary I know of near there would be Burnt Ash which is on the Downham Estate,, (don't panic its ok that part) and I have only ever heard good reviews of the school .

LocalShopsForLocalPeople Tue 18-Apr-17 09:45:29

Wetalina, primary places are being announced TODAY so if you have a four year old you need to phone the admissions number urgently. I don't know schools that well near Widmore Rd but perhaps you'd get Valley or Scotts Park.

BromleyMama Wed 19-Apr-17 11:56:55

Living on Widmore Rd the nearest primaries would be Bickley, St Georges, La Fontaine or Scotts Park. Depending upon where on the rd you are.
All good schools I believe!

RachelRagged Thu 20-Apr-17 10:14:50

Oh Yes I had forgot that BromleyMama

When I am on the bus and it reaches the bus stop round the roundabout (going into Widmore) I see little ones in a uniform so guess its from one of those schools you mention . In that case OP I would go with what BromleyMama says

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