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Tiredpanda Mon 10-Oct-16 11:18:29

We are thinking of moving to Hayes. Does anyone know what that area is like? Is there much children clubs or activities around? Anyone who knows of or have any children in Hayes secondary school or heard if it's good or not?

We have been to the open day and really liked it. We also visited Darrick wood, Langley boys and Ravensbourne. We liked Beckenham area and Hayes most.

As we are moving from NE London, it will be a big move, leaving behind family and friends to start fresh. Our local schools are up and coming but not yet as great as some of the Bromley schools and we really would like a change! As much information will be greatly appreciated!

Tiredpanda Mon 10-Oct-16 11:35:45

Also wanted to add that it is very multI cultural where we are currently living, what's it like in Hayes?

We saw some house for sale that were cheaper than others. They back into either farmland or the common. What's this part of the area like?

MulberryJam Mon 10-Oct-16 16:11:11

Both Darrick Wood and Langley Boys have very good reputations, but you will need to choose one or the other when it comes to buying a house as you are not likely to be close enough to both to be sure of a place. As with all senior schools, look at GCSE results, rather than A levels, as lots of people change for 6th form, and all schools are selective at 6th form, to a degree.

Langley Boys now have an amazing concert hall, and a very good music department.

We lived fairly close to Darrick Wood for about half a year, a few years ago, (we would have been close enough for a place, if we hadn't been moving away again) and it is a nice area to live. If you were living near there, you would also be close to St Olaves, if you wanted to look at it. It is super selective, though, so not everyone's cup of tea. (I assume you have boys, as you mentioned Langley Boys and not Langley girls!)

We rented a 3/4 bedroom house not far from Darrick Wood, with woods at the end of the road, and fairly close to Orpington, Petts Wood and Locks Bottom shops and rail stations. I think you would pay around 600k for similar.

I think Bromley is pretty much as ethnically diverse as most outer London suburbs. You would be unlikely to not have a community of "your" people, close by, as it were, but equally, like the rest of London, people of all ethnicities tend to mix and be friends.

Tiredpanda Mon 10-Oct-16 19:28:51

Thank you. How about Hayes? Do you know much about the area and school?

nancy75 Mon 10-Oct-16 19:41:01

Hayes is a brilliant school, very highly thought of, you will need to live well within a mile of the school to guarentee a place. The area is nice enough a bit boring. Its a very safe place to live, but there's not much going on.
For a teenage boy there is tennis club, cricket, rugby and football club all in/near Hayes.

sm40 Mon 10-Oct-16 20:02:32

We are in hayes! Lots of nearby country side, and several restaurants to choose from. Also looked at the school the other day. Very impressed, son excited by the sport there!Ravens wood is also worth looking at for boys, although we missed the open day this year. Apparently on the up and also opening is Bulllers Wood boys. Make sure you check the recent catchment areas. Hayes shrunk last year. They are also opening a new school in Beckenham and Harris Beckenham is now very popular. This might be benefit to Langley catchment (I am hopeful as we are just out of it!).
In terms of clubs, loads of local rugby, football, swimming clubs. There are scout clubs, and tennis clubs. The most famous is park Langley but loads more if you google. Houses are cheaper in hayes, I think due to further commute and Beckenham has loads of train stations to choose from. Bromley is nearby for high street shops and opening new cinema soon and just opened a load more restaurants. I would say not as multicultural as say Penge or Sydenham. Have you walked around?

Peasantsrevolt Mon 10-Oct-16 21:01:43

We moved to beckenham in the last year...we did look around Hayes but found it to suburban and not a lot in walking distance so choose somewhere closer to beckenham/Kent house. We were previously ne London zone 2. I think if you don't mind driving everywhere Hayes is ok and the schools are good.

sm40 Mon 10-Oct-16 21:27:35

Peasant we moved from Kent house! Definitely more connected there, but moved for senior school, more house etc. It is definitely more suburban here! Does take me longer to get into London, but then in 5 mins are in countryside.

Tiredpanda Mon 10-Oct-16 22:16:40

Peasantsrevolt, what's it like in beckenham? We viewed langley last year and spent some time at Kelsey park and the high street. It seemed more multicultural than Hayes and yes a lot busier and bigger but lovely. We really liked it.

Just wasn't sure about Langley boys and girls. Although we loved it, not sure our kids will like it and not sure about single sex schools so that's why we checked out Hayes too

Tiredpanda Mon 10-Oct-16 22:20:50

sm40, we didn't get a chance to walk about unfortunately. Are then any children's play parks? Would like to bring kids to play and go for walks and get a feel for the area. I liked the villagey feel.

What are the residents like? Are people generally friendly? We've been to some areas (not in London/Bromley ) that just don't feel welcoming and last thing we want is to move and feel unhappy! Although of course there is no guarantees

sm40 Mon 10-Oct-16 23:35:26

Of course we are all lovely! We moved here a few years ago, and our kids don't go to the local school so probably don't know as many people as we do in Beckenham. However those we do know (mainly from clubs) are lovely, and can strike up a conversation in Sainsbury's with random people! Lots of people were brought up here and stayed so must be good (same with Beckenham). Lots of people move to hayes/west Wickham from Beckenham during primary for the senior schools, but no one seems to go far (it is only 2 miles from Beckenham)!
As for parks there is a small one, but we tend to head to Kelsey park or Bec Rec. Keston common and ponds are worth a visit. There is a small library open a few days a week.

NightingaleMum Tue 11-Oct-16 17:52:34

It's lovely in Bromley, Hayes and Beckenham. It's a very friendly place to live. The transport links are excellent too. I brought up my two DCs in this area.

Peasantsrevolt Tue 11-Oct-16 22:05:35

I like beckenham but do miss proper London although rail lines are v good and I like shopping in Bromley. We have made some nice acquaintances who are v welcoming there seems to be lots of fetes in the parks in the summer, a market on the green nearly every month and open air cinema. Kelsey park is lovely and Croydon rec is popular too and beckemham place park...crystal palace park is a short drive with lots to do. We live close enough to the high street to walk to the shops and walk to swimming pool nr clock house. Langley boys has a good reputation but understand single sex issues Hayes is probassibly better. Harris beckenham seems to be getting a better reputation although I am not sure ...people say it's the one to watch.
Have a good wander in both areas ...I grew up in proper suburbia petts wood and as a teenager hated every moment couldn't wait to leave so when had to compromise beckenham was our choice but different people suit different things.

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