Lafontaine versus Bickley versus St Mark's primary school

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trixy123 Thu 06-Oct-16 12:07:10

Dear all,
Does anyone have children in the Lafontaine school and could tell me how they like it? I heard from a mum that they were very strict - is this good or bad? My eldest daughter will start primary school in September 2017, and I have the choice between Bickley primary, Lafontaine and St Mark's. My daughter is already bilingual (German - English) and I wonder if it is too much to add another language, although myself I am fluent in French...
Any thoughts on these three schools would be greatly appreciated, as I feel I cannot make an informed decision, because the new headmaster for Bickley will only start in January 2017, and the Lafontaine school will only move to the new site next year.

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 06-Oct-16 20:25:33

I can't help you a great deal as, although I live in the area, I don't have a child at any of these schools. I have, however, heard very good things from different sources about Lafontaine. Plenty of people seem to rate it quite highly. Obviously, you know your own child, but from what I have heard, it is often easier for a child who is bilingual to pick up a third language than for a child who only speaks one language to learn another. .

I do have friends with children at Bickley and they seem very happy with the school. People are a bit worried about how things will work once Lafontaine and Bickley are effectively on the same site, but I guess that is more about the logistics of drop off and pick up than anything else.

I don't know St Mark's - are you sure you are not thinking of St George's? In which case, I understand that has also improved hugely in recent years.

What I came onto suggest is that if you haven't already, you also post this on the main site under Primary Education - there are plenty of people on there from the area and you might get more response.

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