Lafontaine versus Bickley versus St Mark's primary school

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trixy123 Thu 06-Oct-16 12:05:10

Dear all,
Does anyone have children in the Lafontaine school and could tell me how they like it? I heard from a mum that they were very strict - is this good or bad? My eldest daughter will start primary school in September 2017, and I have the choice between Bickley primary, Lafontaine and St Mark's. My daughter is already bilingual (German - English) and I wonder if it is too much to add another language, although myself I am fluent in French...
Any thoughts on these three schools would be greatly appreciated, as I feel I cannot make an informed decision, because the new headmaster for Bickley will only start in January 2017, and the Lafontaine school will only move to the new site next year.

Georges4me Thu 06-Oct-16 16:42:47

Have you considered St Georges?

Blessingcounters Fri 11-Nov-16 00:36:15

I am having similar dilemma as well! La Fontaine is so new and Bickley Primary head teacher just left. I have not revisited St. Mark's yet as I don't know anyone who is studying there. Hope someone who know these schools can share some thoughts.

Patry Thu 17-Nov-16 06:53:24

I would certainly go for Bickley out of those three. Obviously, we all have different opinions so go to the open days and see what suits you best.
Somebody else suggested St George's, which is worth looking at too.
And if you're close to all those I'd look at Raglan too though you may be late as they had an open day last week and another one today.

allyfe Thu 17-Nov-16 09:37:41

I'd go for LFA but clearly I'm totally biased because my kids are there and we haven't been to the other schools wink But really, you need to visit the schools and see which you like. LFA is doing really well. For the phonics test in Y1, they were top in Bromley last year and in the top 3% nationally this year (all children passed). Importantly, all testing is kept very low key for the children because they try promote a more rounded approach to learning and education than just test test test. I couldn't tell you how strict it is compared to other schools because I don't spend time in the school during the school day to see that. But I do know my children are very happy. I will say French is not such a big part of the school as was initially hoped. The demands of the NC don't allow enough space for it to be anywhere close to bilingual. But the global approach to education has remained.

Addictedtoflapjacks Fri 25-Nov-16 02:19:15

Another one for LFA. I'm biased too as my daughter attends. Don't know anything about St Marks or Bickley. I know St Marks was under subscribed this year. Both Bickley and lfa are over subscribed schools with small catchments. Lfa is strict which in a way us a good thing as they set standards from the start and stick to it. Me and my daughter is happy with the school. I gave no complaints. I think once the school moves (next door to bickley) the catchment will shrink even more. It's a very good school but you really need to view all schools and put them in order of preference.

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