Pen and Ink drawing lessons at Biggin Hill Library

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Chuckybesos Sun 25-Sep-16 18:04:31

Are you an Artist who fancies trying something different, or a beginner at drawing?
Learn how to create pictures with this traditional technique used since ancient Egyptian times. Initial six week course is £10 per lesson or £50 if you book all six.
Starting on 26th October, 7.00-9.00pm. Email for details.
Examples at

PettsWoodMum Wed 28-Sep-16 22:37:03

I would love to do this Ian. It just can't get to Biggin Hill in time as my train to PW doesn't get in until shortly before 7. Knowing your artwork and having some of the mugs you designed I know whoever gets to attend your course will be very lucky. If you ever do a one off half day or couple of half weekend days at a local library at a weekend I would be very interested.

Chuckybesos Thu 29-Sep-16 16:39:38

Hi PettsWoodMum
Thank you for your kind email. The Petts Wood mugs eh?! That was a few years ago! The first edition sandy coloured ones were from around 25 years ago so you may have the white ones that I re-did maybe 8-10 years ago?! I believe my mural is still in Petts Wood Library!
I have had a couple of other requests for a slightly later start and it may be possible to start at 7.30 if that is of any use to you? Let me know. Otherwise I may be able to run courses at weekends, I will look into it and let you know.
Best wishes

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