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Chinoma Sun 17-Jan-16 22:52:40

Hi Everyone
I'm looking for some local
Knowledge. I lived in and around SE London for majority of my life, moved away 7 years ago and now we are moving to Beckenham
I know Beckenham and Bromley but not having been around for some years would love to have some of the locals thoughts.

I will be moving into Copers cope road part of Beckenham an have a Dd in year 8 of secondary.

Does anyone have kids in secondary? Or some knowledge of local schools?

Any local knowledge of the part of Beckenham We will be moving to?
Thank in advance smile

LocalEditorBromley Mon 18-Jan-16 22:51:58

Hi Chinoma, welcome back to Bromley borough! We have some very active members in the Beckenham area so I do hope they will share their expertise with you. What we at Mumsnet Bromley do know is that there is a lot happening in the secondary school world around the Beckenham area. Harris Beckenham (formerly Kelsey Park School) has received planning permission for a complete rebuild, a new secondary school - Beckenham Academy - is aiming to build a site on Balmoral Road, and Harris Bromley on Lennard Road has recently finished some building works. Langley Girls still tops the list for girls' secondary options but our sources tell us that the community is starting to prefer schools with more modern facilities. Anyway, that's all on the schools front - here's wishing you a very happy return to the area. Do let us know how you get on.

Mumofmanychores Thu 21-Jan-16 10:40:31

Hi chinoma, we don't live to far from beckenham in which we moved just before Xmas and my son is in yr9. There are quite a few schools around as mentioned above langley girls, Harris Beckenham (mixed) and Harris (girls). There is also a school by beckenham Hill called sedge Hill.

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