Good NHS Family Dentist in Bickley/Bromley/Chislehurst

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VanillaLatte13 Tue 15-Dec-15 13:37:32

We were with Kings College Dental in Downham Leisure Centre before but moved now to Bickley. Can you recommend a good dental practice who works with NHS and works with children as well please. Much appreciated.

Patry Tue 15-Dec-15 15:01:26

I'm very happy with the dentists in Chatterton Road.

My friend goes to Hayes Dental which I believe does NHS work only for children.

I tried the ones at The Fairway first time we moved to Bromley and I really disliked them. Very painful, expensive and not great outcomes.

UnderTheF1oorboards Thu 17-Dec-15 22:19:43

I found the one at the Fairway horrific too. The dentist's consulting room (and the dentist) reeked of cigarette smoke and he tried to upsell me a bunch of work I plainly didn't need. I haven't yet found any other local dentist that takes adult NHS patients.

MulberryJam Thu 17-Dec-15 22:22:24

We use Oakmead Dental Care, in Prince Imperial Road (near the HSBC bank at the top of the high street).

They are very good.

Patry Fri 18-Dec-15 13:54:01

The ones in Chatterton Road took me as an NHS patient during my maternity leave. I don't know what other adult NHS patients they may or may not take though.

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