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Coughdrop20 Tue 24-Nov-15 21:39:04

Help recommendations and advice needed.

Have a son (nearly 4) who has delayed speech - he had glue ear which was diagnosed last year and treated and have just gotten into the first rung of the speech therapy ladder.

He is chatty but his pronunciation is not where it should be for his age - basic sounds aren't being pronounced. Worried as he's going to school in September and want him to be understood. There he been some progress but it's extremely slow and those who don't know him can't understand him. I want his entry to school to be positive.

Any recommendations for speech therapists or routes to take?

(Awaiting a cleft speech therapist appt as well to rule this out).


Patry Wed 25-Nov-15 21:18:02

So have you been to any speech therapist clinic yet?
We went to one of the drop in clinics then got referred. Didn't need to follow it up at all after that but my husband and I found them fantastic help.
Does he go to any pre-school? They may be able to help or at least sign post you?

UnderTheF1oorboards Fri 27-Nov-15 21:21:07

Sorry to be a doom monger, but the local NHS SALT service here is appalling. Not because of the therapists themselves; they are mostly good; but the way the 'service' is managed and organised. This is a longstanding and well-known problem among SN families locally (we've been under the service for 4+ years). I'm afraid I can't recommend you a private SALT as my DC has a different condition to yours and we use a specialist who is based elsewhere in the UK but, sadly, private is the way to go if you can.

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