Perry Hall Primary, Petts Wood

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JackieN81 Sun 02-Aug-15 18:42:55

Hi, I'm moving to Petts Wood (Sutherland Ave) at the end of August and our nearest primary school will be Perry Hall. As I will be new to the area I would love to hear from some local mums what they think of the school and the children that attend. Does it have a good reputation? Anything anyone can tell me would be great as i have no knowledge of this school at all. Thanks.

PettsWoodMum Mon 03-Aug-15 06:28:21

My DD didn't go there but I've only heard good things about Perry Hall. Major issue is the catchment. In 2014 they came out 0.37m and rumours are it is even less for 2015 and I note Sutherland, depending which end is just under half a mile. Will you be applying for a reception place or an in-year place/places? Petts Wood is lovely so welcome to the area.

JackieN81 Mon 03-Aug-15 09:04:07

Ah thank you. Was really hoping people would say good things. The Ofsted report I found sounds great but was a few years ago now. I'll be applying for a reception place as my eldest son is 3. I have 3 boys aged 3, 1 and 9 weeks!

PettsWoodMum Mon 03-Aug-15 18:46:21

Wow, sounds like a handful. I hope you get the school you want but I know some who were disappointed and got Poverest instead and going on the waiting list unless on the doorstep of the school has proved fruitless as others move to the area and are closer. Crofton has a bigger catchment (mainly due to larger intake) and is a good school but some don't like its size. They are quite often taken pleasantly by surprise when they visit the school that it doesn't seem quite so big as they first feared.

JackieN81 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:09:03

They are a major handful but lots of fun too! That's scary as only heard awful things about Poverest school but as you say unless you live on a schools doorstep guess it's a lottery wherever you are, will be keeping everything crossed that we get lucky!

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