Offer: Save 20% on a luxury Daniele Ryman aroma product

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LocalEditorBromley Wed 29-Jul-15 00:32:17

We're very pleased that luxury brand Daniele Ryman has offered us an exclusive discount on a purchase from their product line.

In our frantic world of high-speed activity and 24 hour culture, world-leading aroma consultant Danièle Ryman recognised the need for a combination product which provides no-fuss easy access to aroma which can change your mood and enhance your life.

French-born Danièle is widely recognised as the world’s leading aromatherapist and is a global media authority on aromatherapy, aromacology and health and beauty. She is the author of six books and creates products for major companies, her own brand and private clients, as well as giving advice and lectures on industry issues and trends in health and beauty.

"When you are trying to juggle the home, children and possibly a job as well, looking after yourself is vital to ensure you are able to keep all the balls in the air! Setting aside a little time to recharge your batteries can be time well spent.

Light a relaxing Unwind Massage Oil Candle and enjoy the aroma of French Lavender, Petitgrain and the calming essence of Mandarin essential oil all blended to help alleviate tension and anxiety. Once the candle is lit you can use the oil to massage into your temple, neck and sinus area. Relax and focus on your breathing. Taking time for yourself away from the daily mayhem will kick start your energy levels and all will be right with the world."

Daniele Ryman Massage Candles are available in six varieties (see below) from at £30 each including p&p.

We are offering a 20% discount on any single Daniele Ryman purchase until 31 August 2015. Just enter promotional code DRMNET615 when prompted. And then enjoy!

The Massage Candle range comprises:

ALIVE - Awakens your senses and makes you more feel alert and revitalised, helping you to regain energy and start the day feeling vibrant
DETOXIFY - Detoxifies with its high concentration of essential oils, helping to eliminate toxins while giving you a sense of wellbeing
ESSENTIAL DEFENCE - Boosts the immune system with its highly antiseptic and bactericidal properties, defending against viral infections all year round
SLEEPY - Helps to relieve tiredness and mental fatigue, aiding sleep and recuperation by soothing mind, body and soul
SLENDER - Helps to flush out waste, discourage water retention and combat bad circulation – all key for toning – while lifting your spirit
UNWIND - Helps alleviate migraine caused by stress, general headaches and anxiety, putting the mind to rest and making you feel relaxed

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