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spacemum9 Thu 18-Jun-15 23:57:09

Hi, I have a girl attending local state school, primary. However, am interested to move her to private sector to benefit from smaller class size. I could eventually get her in Royal Russell primary. Do you think it is a good school? Some tell me that it is not very academic and they do not push kids for the 11+. Is there anyone who can enlighten me before I make the leap?

VanillaLatte13 Fri 19-Jun-15 13:42:20

Regardless if your DD is in private or state you will need to support her additionally, whether you alone or someone else. Private schools only touch base on 11+ preparation.

My DD is in year 4 in a state primary and the homework given to her sometimes is taken from certain books for practicing for 11+.

Not too sure what is more value for money - individual preparation for the test and paying extra or private school fee. No guarantee in both cases that DC will get in to grammar school.

Millicakes Fri 19-Jun-15 17:52:38

Royal Russell do not push kids for 11+ as they expect most from the primary to transfer to the secondary. They test them in year 5 and if they pass they get in. If they fail they can try again in year 6. I do not feel the school was very academic when I viewed the school and given the hefty price compared to other private schools I would have thought it would have been much more academic.

I've heard most children that go there not including those transferring from the junior school are those that didn't get a place in any of the other local private schools but it's hear say so not sure how true this is.

It depends if you want an all through school or not. I would recommend old palace school which is round the corner from royal Russell. It's an all through school but entry to the seniors is not automatic unless you start in year 6 then in that case it is. Also Croydon high us a good school too both girls schools though.

spacemum9 Fri 19-Jun-15 21:53:02

Problem is that I look for a mixed school, since I also have to place a boy. What would you recommend? Actually am looking for an academic challenging school.....we, as parents, are both professionals and want to take a long term view on how to get them best prepared.

Millicakes Sat 20-Jun-15 19:06:11

In Croydon there are only mainly single sex schools although cumnor house has a boys and girls school separately in purley very academic.

Many parents that have a boy and a girl opt for old palace for girls and elm hurst for the boys which is round the corner. Alternatively depending on where you live Bromley borough is not too far. My daughter attends bishop challoner which is mixed and automatic entrance to seniors. Braeside is also very academic and ofsted outstanding

PettsWoodMum Sun 21-Jun-15 07:32:55

I know some from RR and they expect you to stay on so won't help with 11 plus. If you want a school that does that then Braeside are geared up for that sort of prep. My DD is at a local selective independent, Y5 and no help for eleven plus. Farringtons in Chislehurst is similar to RR small classes not selective and scores way below many state schools on league tables but parents like its ethos.

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