Grammars/ secondary school for boys near orpington other than St Olaves

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fmmg2011 Wed 03-Jun-15 09:23:27

I'm thinking about secondary school for boys near orpington. I can consider private but before doing so I'm wondering which selective school boys go to other than St Olaves which is not necessarily right or achievable for my boys. Any thoughts on nearby selective schools, or independents other than eltham college?

PettsWoodMum Wed 03-Jun-15 12:50:04

Independents: Eltham College; Dulwich College. Sevenoaks school. State: Chis & Sid grammar in Bexley, the boys one in Bexley (I have a DD so looking at Townley which is no use to you!), Wilmington Grammar or Dartford grammar in Kent, or the superselectives Kent Grammars for which you need a huge out-of-county score: The Judd and Skinners. If you live in Orpington there are buses to Wilmington and Dartford, trains to The Judd etc. Poor DD is sitting all three entrance tests plus one for an independent. Lucky she actually likes exams smile

fmmg2011 Wed 03-Jun-15 15:37:44

Thanks - we have DDs too so will be thinking about girls as well just not yet! Are we within the catchment for Wilmington and Dartford - I saw something about 1.5 miles on the website. I heard that Judd/ Skinners not as hard to get into as Olaves, so we were considering. Re Independents we really wanted somewhere closer and/or co-ed. I know we are well served for schools, and lucky to be in catchment for darrick wood and riverswood, but co suffering all options.

fmmg2011 Wed 03-Jun-15 15:38:38

Considering all options! (Although 'suffering' may be appropriate when it comes to applying)

PettsWoodMum Wed 03-Jun-15 18:53:54

Wilmington girls came out 6.3 miles for September 2015 entry, I know as I emailed them - very helpful! However 2015 has a bulge class and 2016 will not. I live 5.8 from Wilmington so for 2016 it is looking unlikely. I don't know about The boys school - so DD could pass Kent but not get in unless she got a stellar score for Dartford or Tonbridge. Take a look at elevenplusexams website - huge mine of information. For the Kent Superselectives if you are not in their parishes then you are classed as 'out of county' so there are fewer places allocated and the required score is therefore much higher. This year the Kent pass was very very low at 320, the OOC scores for likes of Judd about 380 and in county about 360, the year before the pass mark was higher, I think 350 or 360 and the OOC scores required for the superselectives was about 410, that is out of 420...

VanillaLatte13 Tue 16-Jun-15 18:31:05

Beths school from Beley grammars for boys as well.

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