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BromleyT Fri 29-May-15 11:47:29


We are living at the south end of Chatterton 'Village' and DS turns 5 next year November so will be starting school in September. We are 0.5 miles from Raglan so very unlikely to be able to go there. We went to the summer fair at Southborough school last year and were not overly impressed and the nearest school now which has lots of availability seems to be Princes Plain. Is that our only option? Is it as bad as it is depicted to be?

Thanks for any tips!

Millicakes Fri 29-May-15 17:55:25

princess plain will be expanding next year so will have an extra 30 spaces. there is a possibility you might get into hayes which is the other side of bromley common their catchment is about a mile.

there is a new bilingual school called la fontaine which opened last september. they are currently on the grounds of princess plain but moving to central bromley next september and will have an intake of 90 children.

there is also keston school which again you might be in catchment for.

The problem with bromley is most schools have ridiculously small catchment areas.

Endymion Sat 30-May-15 12:20:43

Southborough's catchment massively decreased last year, to about 600m I think. So people living in victoria/Albert roads and nearby did not get in. Personally, I think Southborough is great, but then I would (3 dcs having/had excellent time there). I think the cut off was around the fairway, off Southborough lane.

Princes plain expanding and becoming a COfE school I believe. Some children from that end of Chatterton road have gone to hayes historically. Pain to get to, but good school. Alternatively, St George's has commonly picked up a lot of children from the wider area, but had amazing results last year and I suspect its catchment will shrink in response.

BromleyT Fri 05-Jun-15 11:47:24

Ok, thanks for that. Yes, we'll keep looking or possibly we'll have to move next door to Raglan!

Patry Wed 24-Jun-15 11:53:27

Wouldn't you get into St George's? most children I know who didn't get into RAglan are going there. It's meant to be a very good school now. I know someone in the waiting list of Pickhurst too so would that be an option? That is meant to be really good too.

Or yes, move nearer to Raglan or stay in the waiting list.

Now would you mind me asking people here is Raglan really good? Did any of you choose it or will choose it? We'll be applying this year.


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