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ridinghighinapril Thu 18-Dec-14 20:03:41

I've also posted on the Nursery section of MN but thought I would try all avenues here!
We are considering moving to the Kent House area and are looking for a nursery for our nearly-2y old son (he has been settled in his current nursery since March, age 1y). Fennies on Kings Hall Rd would be very convenient, as it is near Kent House station but have read some worrying posts about it on this thread www.mumsnet.com/Talk/nurseries/a1413454-Fennies-Beckenham
and would like more up-to-date experiences. I notice that on a recent Ofsted inspections (FWIW) they were upgraded to 'good'.

Janfezzal Thu 03-Dec-15 07:47:47

My daughter joined Fennies in 2014 at the age of 11months and she absolutely loved everyday. There is nothing more satisfying then dropping off your child and watching them run to their key worker and feeling they are being left in safe hands.
Since she joined there has been a change in management and building renovations which I believe have definitely made some major improvements from when I son joined in 2012. The rooms feel more spacious and money has been spent on new activities and equipment for the children to use and play with. The baby’s room have a sensory area and quiet area for nap times, preschool rooms have expanded which have allowed set areas for messy play, dressing up and home corners and each room decorated with letters and numbers for the children to recognise. My daughter has thrived with her speech, numeracy and writing and social skills and regularly is taken on trips or given the opportunity to bring the class mascot home. She has learnt the days of the week, seasons and phonics and loves to sing the nursery rhymes. The girls past and present have been great with my daughter and all know her by name which is nice as they acknowledge her when she arrives (I think she believes she is a mini celebrity!) always giving cuddles which she loves.
The management make it their main duty to make sure the classes are well managed based on the staffs qualifications levels and at times when staff have had to move to new rooms they try their best to keep the staff with the children they have cared previously to allow children to settle quickly with any changes. They operate an open door policy and are happy to address any concerns or issues you may have, which I know from first hand when I requested my child keep her key worker when staffing levels changed!
I would recommend Fennies and suggest you base your opinion on your own findings rather than reviews as we all know all children are different. I’m not one to usually write a review but what Fennies is today is nothing like it was under the previous management but I’m glad I stuck with them. I could only base my opinion on what I saw with my children and they always appeared happy and cared for.

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