Opinions on Bishop Challoner school Shortlands/Bromley? Acting Head info?

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chives22 Tue 14-Jan-14 16:46:13

That's it really - I am loooking at the senior school for my DD and DS. I have noticed that the school currently has an acting head and an acting deputy - any info on this? Thanks

Ginnowplease Tue 14-Jan-14 23:16:11

I know some children who have gone there. They are nice, well balanced young people. I don't think.it is the most academically stretching in the area and being quite small has an effect on its sports teams. That's true compared to both public and private sectors locally. But the young people I know have had the support they need, AFAIK.

Sorry, no info on acting head hut previous one divided opinion.

chives22 Tue 14-Jan-14 23:39:52

Thanks Ginnow. I have looked back at the online newsletters and there is just a change from the old head writing the newsletter one week in December to the new acting head writing his first a couple of weeks later but no reference to the 'outgoing' head. Also the acting head begins his first newsletter thanking parents for their continued support and reassuring parents that the school has very substantial reserves and is financially secure...

unfitbikerchick Thu 30-Jan-14 00:25:51

Hi Chives. My DD goes to the school and I can vouch for it being a good one. Academically it does very well but last year was not as good as previous years. I think that, coupled with a downturn in admissions, was the reason for heads departure.There was no money laundering or other such like!

The finances statement was just to shut up the usual school gossips and also because the school had recently changed its charitable status and bank accounts, so I expect some folk were putting two and two together and making 5!


chives22 Thu 20-Feb-14 18:10:04

Thank you unfit - I haven't been back to the thread for some time so I've just read your post - having only just thought to check on the 'threads I started' link blush.

It is Y7 that I am looking at for DS (as in transferring there) and I didn't know whether to be pleased by the really small class sizes (it was 11 in one and 13 in the other a month ago!) or concerned...

Is your DD in the Junior or Senior part of the school? I am wondering at the moment whether to send DD (currently Y4) there for Y5 and Y6. I was told tht there are far fewer girls in the senior school than the junior. Not sure whether that is an issue though _ but I do know that if I moved DD in Y5 I'd want it to be somewhere were I would be happy for her to move on to the senior school IYSWIM.

How would you rate the pastoral care at BC? That - and the small classes (DS and DD are in state ed ATM) are the main 'selling points' for me about BC. (We are RC so that is another).

unfitbikerchick Thu 20-Feb-14 23:29:06

My DD moved there in yr5 and this did make for a smoother transition to senior school. That said, they go out of their way to welcome new pupils (she had a handwritten letter from one of the girls in her class before she started and had a getting to know everyone day too). If you are not already paying for a private school, I would say save your money and move in Yr6 or wait until seniors.

The amount of girls is lower as it was originally a boy school and Coloma attracts many local girls, but it is rising. Girls have been encouraged to stay on and they are getting closer to equal numbers year on year. The small class sizes are a plus! That's what you are paying for and certainly helps in terms of staff knowing your child. DDs classes are 19 and 18 respectively I think.

Pastoral care is good. We had a minor bullying issue which was stamped out immediately we were aware of it and we were kept informed throughout. I know of parents of children with learning support needs and they have been very happy with how this has been managed.

It is of course a small school, compared to the state secondaries in the area and as such the facilities are lesser, but they make good use of what they have and use outside facilities such as Norman Park and HSBC sports ground.

There is an open day coming up soon, so why not go and have a look around? Take your Ds and DD with you and see how they react. Ours acted like she was totoally at home there, so made the decision for us in a way. We do sometimes wonder if she would get more from a large academy, but I think she might also get lost.


chives22 Mon 24-Feb-14 18:43:34

Thank you again unfit. I had actually forgotten about the 'Coloma' effect on the number of girls at BC - my DD wouldn't get in as we live too far away now they have changed the admission arrangements.

Both my DD and DS have 'support' needs - they are on the autisitic spectrum but no academic support as such because they are 'high functioning' in terms of ability. That is why I want small classes and good pastoral care. Do you know any BC parents of ASD/Asperger children?!

DS is not coping with our local very large (though very good) academy. He is definitely lost sad. I will ring and speak to BC.

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