Admissions for Bromley Bilingual Primary School are opened, public meeting on Sat 19th October

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bonjourlondon Mon 23-Sep-13 14:50:41

Dear all,

This is to share this that I only discovered last week (apologies if already a well know information):

The Bromley Bilingual Primary School (due to open in september 2014) is taking applications for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 now, closing date 15th january. It will be a free bilingual school in English and French.

A public/parent meeting is planned at 2pm Saturday 19th October,
The Lowell Room, Bromley United Reform Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 1RY

I think this is an amazing opportunity for children and families. I'm posting this because I didn't find any information about it on Mumsnet and thought it could interest other parents on the Bromley forum. We've just applied for our son.


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