2014 Bulge class at Balgowan Primary School - public meeting tonight

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allyfe Thu 27-Jun-13 13:15:22

Balgowan Primary School has confirmed a Bulge Class for 2014. To find out how this could affect your child, come to a Public Meeting at 8pm on Thursday 27th June 2013 at: Neighbourhood Church, Cromwell Road, BR3 4LW

Balgowan is a good school with passionate teachers and a record of high performance. But, it is a large school on a small site with busy playgrounds and corridors. In 2011 it came 71st out of 74 schools in terms of space per pupil in Bromley. Is there a need for a bulge class, with planned new schools in and near Beckenham offering over 170 new reception places in 2014?
Is it financially necessary for the school, given the uncertainty of future funding and the possibility that funding for Balgowan will increase under proposed changes? Is it going to make a small catchment area even smaller in future years, due to the extra siblings from the 2014 bulge? Is it in the best interest of the children? If you have children at the school, or are a prospective parent, please come to the meeting tonight.

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