Moving to Bromley/Beckenham?Help with areas please!

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WildSwansatCoole Sat 30-Jun-12 20:33:05

Hello all,

We are considering moving/renting in the Bromley/Beckenham area ,as our central London townhouse is just bursting at the seams with our 3 children!

Having looked at some houses this week,I would be so grateful for advice about the following areas-between Ravensbourne and Beckenham jn(off Foxgrove Rd) and again close by,between Abermarle and Bromley roads.

What are local primary schools like(we are RC,but not wedded to RC schools only)?

And commuting -for me , very part-time , driving close to Canary Wharf.Would it be a nightmare?I tend to leave home at 6:30 and leave at 7ish so might avoid the rush perhaps?

It is so hard to gauge an area just by looking,and we know absolutely no-one living there,so it would be fantastic if someone could help point us in the direction of other nice areas for families in the Beckenham area with good transport links and schools!

Thank you!

uptomyeyes Sat 30-Jun-12 20:39:47

Hi I live on edge of Beckenham/Sydenham - moved 7 years ago for exactly the same reason. We love it here.

The thought of driving to Canary Wharf sounds a nightmare to me - will the London overground changing for Jubilee Line do it?

Do you need primary or secondary schools or both?

uptomyeyes Sat 30-Jun-12 20:46:03

durr just seen that you are looking for primary.Clare House and Highshore are good and I think Highshore covers the area you are looking at. Clare House closer to Shortlands. Catchments for primary tend to be very small. If Secondary schools loom in the next few years you may want to consider the Langley area. I've a friend with children at Unicorn and she is very happy with it. Balgowan is the preferred primary on my side of Beckenham, we are out of that catchment but my kids got to Alexandra and it is great.

WildSwansatCoole Sat 30-Jun-12 22:28:58

Thanks,that is very helpful.I think we are looking at primary only as we will be living out of the UK within 5-7 years ( not originally from here).

Glad to hear that the area is recommended!

I`m afraid I`ll have to drive unfortunately,but as I work 2 days only at the moment,I`m hoping it might be manageable.Am off to do a test drive anyhow tomorrow to get a general idea!

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