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OrestisMum Fri 13-Apr-12 13:14:03

I just moved into bromley from abroad and I have a 16 month son. I don't know anyone in the area and I'd live to meet new people. Im 32 and I can drive around the area.

Talkingfish Fri 13-Apr-12 22:00:53

In SidcupKent there is a nice mum an toddler group. My little ones enjoy it and lovely people too. It's called oasis and it's on station road in SidcupKent. Every Wednesday a 10.

gillquil Fri 13-Apr-12 22:29:19

hia there is a really good baby and toddler group also in Bromley, its in the Bromley town church on Ethelbert road on Thursday mornings. From 10.15 to about 12, they have a waiting list for places but its well worth joining the list. The Salvation Army also have a club on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning in their church hall also on Ethelbert road, that starts at about ten thirty, I dont think you need to join a waiting list for that one.

OrestisMum Sat 14-Apr-12 08:19:07

Thank you very much for the responses! gringrin

pamdam Tue 24-Apr-12 11:22:58

Hi OrestisMum, we're from abroad too (France) and we moved to London 3 years ago, we love the city but I wish I could meet other mums too !
I'm 29, my twins are 8months old
I live 10min from Bromley in Penge

Bebis83 Wed 02-May-12 15:58:25

i am expecting my first, mid october. i live in bromley too!

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