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Alomafromparham Tue 17-Jul-12 17:32:43

I might be interested in a tutor also for September in the SE20/BR3 area to tutor my Y6 child on a Saturday or Sunday. I am new to the site and is also looking for maths/english exercise/tasks to keep child up during the summer. Any ideas appreciated.

Talkingfish Fri 13-Apr-12 22:04:25

What would you be willing to pay. I'm a tutor but for adults and have been thinking of doing a bit f tutoring mainly in maths coz I'm sad and like maths. Let me know. How many hours a week or month and how much would you be willing to pay.

rainbown1 Thu 08-Mar-12 11:03:33

Hi all

Thinking about getting a Maths/English tutor for my ds (almost 6). Can anyone recommend someone good who is local and not too expensive? I was looking at the SSC but the fact that you have to commit to year 6 and bad reviews I've read on here has put me off! Any help/ideas greatly appreciated!

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