Can you help my friend?

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LoveandLaughter Mon 24-Oct-11 14:00:30

Hi All,
I am trying to help my friend find a loving home for her two lovely dogs.
This decision has NOT been taken lightly and is due to unforseen circumstances.
She would prefer to re-home them together however will consider separating them.
The first one is a 3yr old Lab & Snauzer and the second is a 1 & a half yr old Labradoodle.
Both have a lovely nature and are great around children and adults.
She is desperate to find them a loving home and is willing to provide approx 6 months food for both dogs.
If you or someone you know is able to provide a loving home please leave your contact details and i will forward them to her.
She will want to visit for peace of mind.
Kind regards

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 24-Oct-11 16:39:56

Try reposting in The Doghouse, someone there might be able to recommend a reputable no-kill rescue near you.

LoveandLaughter Mon 24-Oct-11 23:18:20

Thank you!smile

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