anyone pregnant in bromley/orpington/biggin hill se london

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babymad27 Sun 08-May-11 16:53:40

haya as title says anyone in se london pregnant i have 22 month old son and im 6 weeks pregnant roughly looking for other pregnant ladys for coffee lunch baby shopping meet ups chats and generaly to support each other through pregnancy. im laid back and easy going.

Anast Mon 13-Jun-11 00:08:53

Hi there,
If you are still looking for support during pregnancy, i run friendly antenatal classes in Bromley which are designed to provide peer to peer support, teach you to relax, use gravity/movement, practise breathing, meet other mums, etc. Classes are listed in the directory as Daisy Birthing Antenatal Classes in Antenatal. email:
Best of luck

KellyP75 Sun 11-Sep-11 14:34:34

Hi Im a bit late on your message as only joined today but I'm 21 weeks pregnant (we're probably due around the same time) with my first child and work from home so free for meet ups. I'm based in Orpington

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