Any other older mums in Chislehurst /Bromley who fancy meeting up?

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yumyum73 Mon 11-Apr-11 19:24:01


Im 38 and have two lovely boys. One is 3yrs and the other is 6 months old. Would love to meet other similar aged Mums with young children/babies for much needed grown up conversation.

I'm a pretty laid back Mum and would really love to meet other Mums like me either for a coffee or perhaps walks in the park so I can multitask and burn off some calories too

Hope to hear from you soon.

smm1 Fri 15-Apr-11 17:12:24

hi yumyum,
I would like to meet up...where and when in bromley?I have two children and I live in bromley too...let me know when is convenient for you then we can arrange to have coffee.

yumyum73 Fri 22-Apr-11 17:30:34

Hi smm1,
Sorry for my slow reply - I though MN would email me to let me know I'd had a response (which I now know they don't) so I haven't checked this for AGES! Thanks for replying to my post I've actually had more success on another site with a similar name and am arranging a coffee morning in the Glades at Starbucks on May 12th around 10.30am/11am. Would be lovely if you could join us. Haven't met any of the other Mums either so we're all in the same boat. Let me know if you'll be there and I'll be in touch nearer the date x

Discodisco Tue 24-May-11 08:26:18

Hello. I am a 33 year old mum to a 3 month old baby girl and don't really know any local Mums. I live in Orpington and would be happy to join you guys. Can you email me on please? Many thanks

Fuzzymummy123 Thu 26-Jul-12 11:25:51

Hi does anyone want to meet for coffee am 27 and have 2kids living in Bromley

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