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clairesparkle Sat 07-Nov-09 17:48:41

Does anyone belong to/know of/want to start a book club in Bristol? I've had a bit of a google and most I've found are closed to new members. I'm in Long Ashton but as long as it's an evening thing, can travel (a bit!)


boopbedo Tue 16-Feb-10 08:25:46

DH's grandma has died and her wake is on Thursday so not going to be able to make it. Any Thursday from 4th March onwards would work for me. Argh! Just finished it as well and loved it. Bit brutal in parts but proud I managed my first thriller. Obsessed with all things Swedish now

crumpetsolo Wed 17-Feb-10 22:18:19

Sorry Boop, that's sad news. We're on hols from 5th-15th March.. what about 18th?

saggyhairyarse Thu 18-Feb-10 20:56:26

If you ladies met up, I am sorry I didn't make it. DH didn't tell me had to pick his friend up from the airport til he got home from work angry

Will admit thought that this is one book I can't seem to get into and I likea thriller.

boopbedo Fri 19-Feb-10 05:27:48

Ok, so do we abandon Dragon and find a new book? I was rather keen on the Indian book you suggested before but might need to give us a month to find it and read it. CS, keen to meet up with you so could have a chat on Dragon if it suits in the next couple of weeks? I love it to be honest and could talk til the cows come home.

crumpetsolo Sat 20-Feb-10 21:44:16

Ooh, I'm halfway through The Inheritance of Loss anyway, so I'm happy with either - Yes, Boop, next couple of weeks would be great. What about 2nd or 3rd March? We're going to Brussels for a week from the 5th, so not around then for a bit. And next week is a bit busy I'm afraid. Don't know if that suits...?

saggyhairyarse Sun 21-Feb-10 22:37:54

That suits me, I am free when Crumpet gets back.

I will warn you now that I am trying to move house so if it happens to be the date that is arranged (which I don't know yet), Iam notbeing a cop out and it is just bad timing!!!!

boopbedo Mon 22-Feb-10 08:25:45

Cool. CS, how about meeting at The Angel in the village on 2nd March at 8 for Dragon and finish The Inheritance of Loss for 18th to meet at the George in Abbot's Leigh.

I know we haven't managed to meet yet but enjoying having new impetus for my reading and its something to think about besides the demands of little ones,

nicecupofteaplease Mon 20-Feb-12 17:28:48

Bit of a long-shot as this is quite an old thread but did anything come of this..?

bunsandroses Wed 29-Feb-12 20:26:30

is this still going on, I'd really like to join too! Could yo let me know which book you are on and your next date?
Thank you!

boopbedo Mon 30-Apr-12 09:59:00

THe book club never got off the ground but if you're interested, we could make it happen. Just clicked on the thread title, thinking 'ooh always fancied getting a book club started' not realising this was actually related to a conversation. I had 2 years ago! So I'm in long Ashton but happy to drive. Electic tastes but made a pact to start reading more novels again last week. Too much mucking about the Internet and reading magazines at the moment!

bookwormthatturned Tue 01-May-12 22:35:58

... I'd be interested too if you're thinking of restarting something. I'm in Montpelier but am also happy to drive to meet up so long as I within striking distance if DS2 decides to have a breastfeeding crisis while I'm out!

Spero Wed 02-May-12 14:17:48

Me too! I almost got a book club going with two friends but then killed it stone dead when I suggested the Memory Chalet. I am in Southville but have car so will travel.

xkcdfangirl Thu 03-May-12 20:13:49

I'd be interested too. I'm in Windmill Hill. I couldn't meet on Tuesday or Thursday evenings due to other commitments. I think this is enough to make a decent sized group, isn't it?

Dolcegusto Thu 03-May-12 20:27:50

Could I join too? Can't always guarantee I can make same day each week as dh works funny shifts, but sounds like fun.

Spero Thu 03-May-12 21:09:54

I can usually make most nights unless work stuff pops up at last moment. Is there anywhere centralish that would work as a meeting place? Somewhere by harbour?

Lamazeroo Fri 04-May-12 22:11:40

Desperate to join/form a bookclub! Is there room for one more?

xkcdfangirl Sat 05-May-12 10:02:15

I think we've got enough to make a go of it. We need to decide on a book and a venue. How about Mud Dock for a venue? Can't remember what their evening music is like.

Spero Sat 05-May-12 17:30:08

Sounds good re venue. Anyone fancy Capital by John Lanchester? As I have just read it (lazy). Otherwise have no bright ideas but happy to try anything that gets me out of my Heat/Grazia rut.

xkcdfangirl Mon 07-May-12 14:32:23

I've no objection to that one, but mightn't it be nice to have one that we've all chosen together?

There's this website called where you feed in a list of boos you like, and it compares your list with lists of favourite books of thousands of other site users, finds similarities and suggests lists of books you might like. If we all nominate just 2 or 3 books we have read and enjoyed, and feed that group list in, maybe we would be given some suggestions of books we'd all enjoy but none of us have read before?

Or is that too complicated? I have a tendency to over-think things.

Spero Mon 07-May-12 18:35:07

I am easy, I don't mind something I have never heard of/previously discounted as I think I need an impetus to get out of reading rut.

boopbedo Mon 07-May-12 21:38:50

Ok, looks like we have a book club then! Based on my experience on last time, reckon we should get a night booked in and book suggested to make it happen. Monday and Tuesdays are good for me, happy to travel around Bristol.

How about The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, The World in Half and The Glass Room for starting suggestions? Haven't read any of them but in my vague consciousness for a while but pretty easy on suggestions. Be nice to have some impetus to read something different.

MrsWembley Mon 07-May-12 21:46:43

Marking place!

If this gets started, how about Clifton as a fairly central place to meet. Lots of choice when it comes to venue!!

Are you all talking off a monthly meet-up, too? It's quite tricky for me to get anything finished sooner than that.sad

MrsWembley Mon 07-May-12 21:53:02


Spero Tue 08-May-12 16:59:04

Think monthly is good frequency. Tuesdays prob best for me. Shall we aim for the last tues in every month? We could have a first meeting this month to pick a book? I am paralysed by decision making, happy to put suggestions in a hat on the night.

bookwormthatturned Tue 08-May-12 19:47:35

Tuesdays would work for me,

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