Boys black school shoes for sale - siz 33G - can I sell on here, or have to go to other thread?

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Wolfgirl Tue 01-Sep-09 13:41:32

Not sure if I can sell on the local thread, of if I have to go to other exiled site LOL

Anyway, just in case I can, I have a pair of Boys Petsil Lucas school shoes, {{{query}&sconstraints=IncludeSelector%3 DDetails%2CSellerInfo%26ItemType%3DAllFixedPriceItemTypes%26ItemSort%3DBestMatch&xm&siteid=3 Like these...]]

I bought them in the sale at Christmas but forgot about them, and of course my son is too big for them now.

I paid £20.50 in Charles Klinkard at Cribss Causeway and would like the same please, else I will pop them on eBay.

Im in Westbury on Trym btw

Wolfgirl Tue 01-Sep-09 13:41:58



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