anyone used a good IFA in Bristol?

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WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 21-May-09 11:19:30

Seen the house we want to buy, need a mortgage broker/IFA to help us with mortgage and also with sorting out finances generally.

anyone got any recommendations? ideally north bristol, clifton/redland type area.


saggyhairyarse Tue 26-May-09 21:07:01

We have used this one:

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 27-May-09 10:04:45

Thank you! Were they good?

bratnav Wed 27-May-09 10:16:20

KIngstons Financial Management on Whiteladies Rd, ask for Gary Hopkins, he can come to your home if that is easier for you.

Office number for Kingstons is 0117 9739102 or you can call direct on 07977 512159, I know his number is already on the internet, so he wont mind.

He is brilliant, he has sourced 2 mortgages for me, sorted out life insurance and really good illness cover which wasn't horrifically expensive. He has also rejigged my finances a couple of times blush

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 27-May-09 14:14:18

Thanks bratnav, you're a star! How's tricks with you?

saggyhairyarse Wed 27-May-09 21:43:48

Yep, sorted out mortgages, discovered terms for an endowment were wrong and got us rebate on all payments.

bratnav Thu 28-May-09 09:46:40

Hi WhatFresh, all is good, bloody tired though, looking forward to moving?

WhatFreshHellIsThis Sun 31-May-09 22:37:06

Sadly DP didn't like the house quite as much as I did, so we're still looking.....oh well.

Very tired here too, DS2 is nine weeks old now and I could do with some staff or an au pair or something! Surviving though xxxx

saggyhairyarse Tue 02-Jun-09 21:46:11

Thats a shame. What area are you looking in?

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