Good cafe, fairly central, with a toy corner for kids??? Does one exst in Bristol?!

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misspollysdolly Sun 27-Jul-08 21:29:51

Meeting a friend (without kids) on Tues, will need to take DSs (3 yo and 6 months) with me and need to be able to chat about a few things. Can anyone recommend a good child friendly (preferably with a sort of children's area/play area in one corner) cafe where we can get a good coffee. Was wondering about La Ruca on Gloucester Road - have been there before but ages ago - can't remember if they have toys, etc.

Any ideas?? Would need to be fairly central.

Ta x

navyeyelasH Mon 28-Jul-08 08:50:59

The cafe in Redcliff church is good so so is the one at the commonwealth museum at templemeads (but a bit pricey ala starbucks etc)!

tortoiseSHELL Mon 28-Jul-08 08:54:19

City Museum on Queens Road is your place! Very very helpful, and plenty of space for the children - think there is a new childrens play area, and they also have colouring and crayons. Failing that, go to Ikea where there is a play area, or you could put them into the creche.

JuneBugJen Mon 04-Aug-08 09:17:16

agree with tortoise - love the city museum. v relaxing

TheArmadillo Mon 04-Aug-08 10:07:54

we did a meet up at the museum and they made it difficult to talk as the woman in charge of play area refused to let the children be in there on their own. Even if we were watching from a table a few feet away.

When they don't have anyone staffing play area it is fine, but when they do it is a nightmare.

Ikea's quite good or what about a soft play place with a cafe for parents.

JuneBugJen Mon 04-Aug-08 10:10:25

oh yes, and playspace is quite decent too!

mumatsea Sun 31-Aug-08 14:38:09

The grant bradley gallery in Bedminster has a cafe and a box of toys upstairs (you can take your drinks/cakes up with you)although not sure how long would amuse a 3 yo for. The whole gallery is small (but nice)and they seem surprisingly child friendly - though no baby changing facilities.
On the same note, does any one know of any child friendly pubs with good pub gardens in the long ashton area?

tortoiseshell Sun 31-Aug-08 14:43:34

The only pub I know in Long Ashton is the Angel - we have taken ds1 there, but not sure if it's particularly child friendly!

sarah293 Sun 31-Aug-08 15:03:58

Message withdrawn

mumatsea Mon 01-Sep-08 18:12:30

Angel is nice pub but not v child friendy, sadly. Wondered if any in Wraxall,Flax Bourton etc.
GB gallery - no lift, but not many stairs either. It is a very small gallery. And they will usually bring your drink up for you if you look hapless/stressed enough. Which I generally manage without trying tbh...

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