Me again - need ideas for day out without ds :)

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TheArmadillo Fri 06-Jul-07 20:05:37

Ds is going to dp's mum on Monday.

Meaning me and dp have a day to ourselves from 10ish to 5ish.

Any ideas what we can do? Preferably something not too expensive and somewhere to get lunch.

Dp won't do museums/art galleries/anything educational.


ThomasTankEngine Sat 07-Jul-07 20:35:52

cycle Bristol - Bath
Bath Spa (finally open)
SS Great Britain
Wander waterfront and eat on Severn Shed

Oh you lucky thing.

TheArmadillo Sun 08-Jul-07 09:22:24

ooh waterfront is a good idea. Haven't been down there (except for child related activities) for a couple of years.


(yes I know we're lucky).

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