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SaveMeTheWaltz Thu 23-Mar-17 19:39:00

We are relocating from London to Bristol with our two kids, one reception age and one nearly-a-year-old baby. We have a school place for the reception aged child at Colston's, which I have heard good things about and we are very happy with; now we just need a nursery place for the baby. Our choice is really coming down to where currently has places: it is a toss-up between Torwood House, Green Door, and Pooh Corner. We are also on waiting lists for Zebbeddes and Archfield House, but probably wouldn't get a place at either go those until September. Any up-to-date anecdotal information on these would be really helpful!

sallysallyn Wed 05-Apr-17 11:05:20

Hello SMTW
We're also looking for a nursery in North Bristol for a 3yr old (he'll start reception in 2018) and have looked into the same set of schools you outlined. Did you find any more info on any of these, or have a preference? We're looking for a place from November which may be tricky as I understand they tend to prefer to take people from September...

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