Looking for new friends in St George!

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Laura89uk Thu 23-Mar-17 19:34:18


My name is Laura, I'm 27 and have a 8 months old baby girl. I've been living in Bristol for almost 2 years and I'm now looking for new mommy friends in St George or nearby! We could meet for a coffee or going for a walk in the park
I'm looking forward to meet new people!

RedSpecs Thu 23-Mar-17 20:42:42

Hi Laura, I live in St George but my DC are well past the baby stage and I'm at work during the week I'm afraid.

There are certainly lots of young families round here so plenty of new friends to meet. There is a baby and toddler group on a Weds morning at St George Community Centre which was my saviour when I was a new mum.

Good luck with it all smile

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