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gabiestrela Wed 11-Jan-17 14:43:47


I am looking for a Maths tutor for year 9 and looking to GCSEs. There are many around but I'd be grateful for any recommendations.

BoostTutors Tue 07-Mar-17 17:07:53

Hi Gabiestrela,

I tutor Maths to GCSE and am very familiar with the new curriculum.
As you say there are loads of tutors about.
If you would like I can give you contact details of my current/former students if you would like to ask them questions about me before proceeding cold!


DeborahTriana Mon 03-Apr-17 05:50:55

If you are looking for math tutors for your children then it is about time that you consider the more professional and experienced options. Math tutors however are needed by most children as grades have seen a slump in recent years and high school students need to have some better grades in this subject to get admission in colleges. If you are looking for some more information regarding this you can also find some details on this page, to choose the best options for your tutoring needs.

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