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sunshinenine Wed 19-Oct-16 18:46:41

Hi! I'm in my mid-twenties, have finally found a job that I love and want to keep, and will be looking to first time buy and settle long-term somewhere within commutable distance in the next couple of years with my partner.

I adore Bristol but our 250kish budget will not stretch to the areas I would love to live in the most (like St Andrews, Southville, Henleaze, Ashley Down, Ashton for example). My job is in Hanham and I don't love long commutes (anything over 40mins would be too much). My partner doesn't really care where we are and will happily move anywhere nearish to Bristol!

Because it would be a long-term move, good primary and secondary schools in the locality is a priority. Also would ideally like a good community feel, not too rural but not too built up either - so a town is good - and reasonable priced housing. We are both quite 'green', vegetarians, left wing, open-minded, sociable. I love the look of Thornbury but the commute time puts me off. Bath is lovely, but the house prices put me off. The schools in some parts of East Bristol don't have the best reputation and that puts me off...

Does anyone know about Downend/Longwell Green/Bromley Heath/Emerson's Green - Are these areas nice?

Any advice?

cabotstalkonlytogod Wed 19-Oct-16 20:37:29

I know you're unsure about east bristol, but easton/st werburghs sound like your thing.

sunshinenine Wed 19-Oct-16 21:04:26

Thanks for the reply...

I do like St. Werburghs but think the prices for houses are probably a little out of budget. That kind of feel is good though! If they were just a bit cheaper that would be a great area for us.

Forgive me if I sound snobby with this statement but I don't think I'd like to bring up my family in Easton. I do like parts of Easton but the reputation would put me off having young children there and the schools in the area don't seem great. I could be wrong, definitely. Having grown up in a small town myself I want the same level of security and child-friendliness for my kids.

lovinglapland Wed 19-Oct-16 21:37:46

I think the areas you have selected are all good areas for bringing a family up in. Downend was the area that had sprung to my mind when I read your post - before I got to your suggestions! The areas you really like are much more central and so I think you may find Longwell Green a bit far out. Emersons is fine, mainly new build. I have friends in Bromley Heath who like it very much. Secondary schools are and have been changing in Bristol recently and I think this will likely continue for a while. I would focus on decent primary schools right now. Another suggestion would be Keynsham. If you like Thornbury you may like it, nowhere near the character but similar facilities and good schools (especially Wellsway secondary).

sunshinenine Wed 19-Oct-16 22:44:50

Thanks lapland, that is really helpful!
Are there lots of green spaces and family things to do around the Downend area?
I'm not too worried about being central, but equally don't want to feel stranded in the middle of nowhere. Bristol has so much to do and definitely want to be able to access it, even if it is a little bit of a drive to get there. I really love Backwell for example, but again out of the price range!

I always thought Keynsham was a bit of a boring dormitory town but to be fair I've never actually been there, that is just the opinion I've sensed from friends and forums in the past! I guess I will need to give it a visit!

Secondarys would be a LONG way off, but after going to a horrific one myself would definitely like to be nearish to at least one with an okay rep even at this early stage, although I appreciate that they always change.

Thanks for the help!

MildMildWest Thu 20-Oct-16 13:07:20

Hanham itself is actually really OK. We're a bit like you in the lefty / creative department and we found like-minded friends when we moved here. Even though I'd baulked at the idea of suburbia (we'd been in Easton before) the value for money you get with the solid 1950's housing stock is fantastic, it's on the bus route in to the Centre in 20 mins and has good schools and amenities.

Bristolgirl156 Thu 20-Oct-16 14:33:19

We live in Lockleaze - to be honest I really wasn't keen on the area when we moved here but it's grown on me. You get a lot of house for your money (primarily 1950s ex-council houses so on large plots and well built), easy to commute into the city or out, great walking in Stoke Park Estate and close by to some of the 'nicer' areas for dinner/drinks. I'm not sure on the schools but the one I live near is rated as 'good' by Ofsted?

Mymothersdaughter Fri 21-Oct-16 19:09:22

My boyfriend's sister lives in Keynsham. She's made tons of friends her age (25) since living there. It's pretty close to Bristol and Bath tho the bus links aren't fantastic. We usually go to Bonzo when we visit which is always really lively. House prices are reasonable I believe- easily get a 3 bed with a garden for £250k. Really easy to drive into Bath, Bristol ok but depends on time of day. We went to the Farmers market once which I think is quite regular on the high street and there are loads of things going on actually in keynsham. We really like visiting, wouldn't mind moving there myself!

Brizzly Sat 22-Oct-16 07:19:53

Is this definitely going to be your long term home? Only asking because we bought a flat in a lovely area in our early 30s then a couple of years later were able to afford a house in the area we wanted (which we couldn't initially).

If you're planning to start a family soon that may not work for you but I just wondered as you're still so young and perhaps you would be better looking at first time buyer properties and moving again later.

3asAbird Sat 22-Oct-16 17:23:21

Think fishponds Probably suits you better good nightlife /restaurant
Regular bus links to town.
Commuting east to hanham is not as bad as commuting southmead /mall/filton or town.
We used to live in downend now staple hill husband commutes worm in long well green fairly quickly

Bromley heath is very cliquey lots of families .

Traffic is also dire on rung road heading north ir through fishponds frenchay trying to go north.

Hambrook quite nice.
St George fairly close to hanham ans slightly more Boho inner city feel.

apple1992 Thu 27-Oct-16 10:15:36

I am a similar age OP and really want to buy in Southville. Lovely feel, beautiful houses and good local schools. Not cheap but you could buy a 2 up 2 down for 250k

givemeaclue Thu 27-Oct-16 10:17:18

Southville unfortunately doesn't have a good secondary school which is why many end up moving when their kids hit secondary age. Primaries are good.

NiceHouseShitCar Sun 13-Nov-16 21:34:26

Really givemeaclue ? I live in Southville and haven't noticed this trend of people upping sticks when thier kids reach secondary. St Mary Redcliffe (outstanding? ) and Ashton Gate (Good) seem to the main schools these kids are going to. I have DC in a local primary and have not heard of parents planning on moving, getting loft conversions and extensions in stead of moving in fact. the streets are always full of unemptied skips and builders vans

EarlyDino Mon 14-Nov-16 12:24:05

Redcliffe seems to admit most/all on the basis of religious attendance (any religion) so pretty difficult to get into unless you are a very regular worshipper.

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