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EmmsLouise Mon 08-Aug-16 17:18:27

Hi there, I'm looking for really inspirational Personal Trainer (preferably female) in the Bristol area who can motivate a busy Mum.
My sister needs some helping losing weight and fitting in exercise around everything else. She's asked for my help to find a good one that will motivate and encourage. Anyone have experience of a good one or know someone to recommend?
Thanks loads! Emma

BoredinBishopston Mon 08-Aug-16 21:52:06

There's a women's only gym on north view in henleaze that a friend of mine uses and has sessions with a trainer. Not sure on name (Laura?) but can find out if you like.

EmmsLouise Tue 09-Aug-16 18:18:51

Ah yes please @BoredinBishopston that would be great

BoredinBishopston Tue 09-Aug-16 21:40:02

It's this place and my friend uses Zoe, but your sister might feel one of the others suits her better. Apparently they are all lovely.

tina55 Sun 14-Aug-16 19:20:22

Hi, I am looking for a personal trainer or weight loss coach too. Someone who can motivate me to get back into exercising (I am not very keen on gyms) and help with losing weight. That would be fantastic.

Duck1725 Tue 16-Aug-16 05:22:09

Hi there - I am a personal trainer based in a ladies only gym on Kellaway Ave. Yes we are a gym but not like the big general gyms! We are small and very personalised - catering for individuals. We are very friendly and supportive helping women to archive weight loss and fitness. We also have a nutritional therapist who can help with diet.
Come and have a chat and look around - we are very different from other gyms!
TrainHers - 22 Kellaway Ave - ask for Nicky!

rleatfitness Thu 25-Aug-16 18:22:03

Hi I am a personal trainer based in central Bristol. I specialize in helping people to lose fat and improve their confidence. my website has all the details of the services I offer: Alternatively send me an email to

kirinm Thu 25-Aug-16 18:26:13

There's some decent PT's at Fitness4less which is in the centre of town. You don't have to be a member to use them. Paul Orchard or Paul Croft.

knowler Thu 25-Aug-16 19:01:25

Hi all, I'd recommend Jason Hodge who runs boot camps as well as personal training. He's an ex marine and is really supportive. But tough smile

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