Help needed from Bristol parents who use Biodegradable nappies!

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MrsButt0n Tue 26-Jul-16 12:42:31


I'm setting up a service which will supply biodegradable nappies to your door, and then collect them, either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I will then take these for anaerobic digestion at a plant local to Bristol. This 'biomethane' is used as a fuel and the digestate is used to feed plants. Therefore, closing the 'poop loop'!

If I (briefly!) give you a bit of my background - I've just graduated from UWE with a degree in BSc (hons) Climate Change & Energy Management, and a week into my final year I gave birth to my son. I know, I like to make things complicated! Anyway, I was determined to use resusable nappies but only lasted 2-3 weeks and I felt my washing machine was constantly on, and the house was getting damp as a result of the wet nappies being hung from every bit of furniture.

I decided to use biodegradable nappies (starting with Naty and then moving on to Beaming Baby). I like that the materials are primarily sourced from non-fossil fuels and also the lack of chemicals. It's true, we are a nappy rash-free household! It dawned on me, however, that I was just throwing them into the bin, and seeing as they degraded down at a much, much faster rate than non-biodegradables, I realised that they were contributing to the release of methane into our atmosphere.

That was when I decided to start the service I described before my "brief" background!

So, I am looking for a selection of parents in Bristol who would like to take part in a trial service. If you are interested, please either contact me on here, or email me at, or communicate through twitter @nappy_ch4nge.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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