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Gemma00 Fri 10-Jun-16 16:22:57


I have just moved down here with my partner and daughter, I am finding it difficult to make any new friends, my partner works from 9am-10pm so out of school hours still cannot be sociable for me. Does anyone know of any meet ups or groups that happen during the day and include children during the holidays? I live in BS3 and cannot commute very far, i do not know my way around and scared i am going to get lost lol. blush

Dashizzle Sat 11-Jun-16 09:45:10

Google maps is your friend! I'm north Bristol so don't know much but axis trampolining has toddler and preschool sessions which are fab and can get you out and about. Also This Mum Runs is a local running group. Even if you don't run join the group on Facebook as they are fabulous for meeting people (if you fancy taking up running) also Bs3 connect is a local Facebook selling page but also has info on local events sometimes so join that too. Other than that I'm sorry I don't know but that should get you started. X

givemeaclue Sat 11-Jun-16 12:32:55

If kids are under age five ask the health visitor and they will give you big list of all local groups. Child services at the council will also do this. Health visitor used to run a group for people new to the area but don't know if this has changed,

JuniDD Sat 11-Jun-16 22:21:43

Welcome to Bristol! Are you getting out and about much during the day? Is your daughter at school?
You could check out Craftisan on the Wells Road for their classes, I'm not sure if they do stuff during the day but they have a nice little programme in the evening (if I'm reading your post right you can't get out much in the evening because of your partner's job?).
There are often activities for children & parents at the libraries which can be a good place to strike up conversation.
There are loads of groups on FB you might like - Bristol Parents Walkabout, South Bristol Natural Parenting Group (obvs may not be your parenting approach but I believe they have the odd meetup which can be a good start).
Don't be scared about getting lost, get maps up on your phone and go for a wander! People will be friendly if you get stuck. The buses are pretty good too.
Windmill Hill City Farm have lots of activities on too.
If you say which end of BS3 you are I might be able to come up with a bit more.

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