Portishead village quarter

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Marsaday Mon 23-May-16 08:31:17

Hi all,

I am looking at houses in the village quarter but have heard some suggestions that the houses there are poor build quality and have had many problems. I know the gardens are prone to being boggy too.
Does anyone live in one of these houses and can let me know what they think?
The house we're looking at in particular has already been sold once since built 8 years ago which makes me wonder if there are issues.
Does anyone have any helpful feedback?
Thanks in advance

givemeaclue Mon 06-Jun-16 15:40:24

I haven't heard that, about the village quarter but perhaps not all the houses were built by the same builders? Can you get a survey done?
There is a huge mixture of housing in the village quarter from starter homes to more expensive larger homes and so houses being sold within eight years is not surprising, people will outgrow houses or move to a different area or want to move ' off estate' to the older parts of town or downsize or whatever. The house having been sold once already wouldn't put me off but I would get a survey if I had concerns. The whole estate can be a rat run as well for traffic.

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