school admissions for sept 2016

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scamp76 Thu 07-Jan-16 00:20:18

hi, we are finding it very difficult to make this choice for my 3 year old daughter who will be starting reception in september - we live in catchment for Brunel fields, Bishop road and possibly St Bons and Sefton Park. We've seen a couple and I like them for different reasons - liked the head at bishop road, the setting at Brunel fields, nice atmosphere and facilities at St Bons (although we aren't catholic and not sure how problematic that would be?) it feels so hard to make such a huge decision based on one visit. Any personal experience or thoughts greatly appreciated thanks x

crazymum53 Thu 07-Jan-16 09:04:35

The Bristol city council website gives lots of information about oversubscribed schools and how places were allocated last year. This breaks down how many places were offered in each admission category. I am not sure abiut all the schools but a friend has a dd at Bishop Rd and they are very happy with the school.
The council website should say how many places at St Bons were offered to non catholic families (this number may be small - but it may be worth applying if you live very close to the school).

stwerbsgeekymama Sat 09-Jan-16 12:19:49

It is hard isn't it? And they're still so little!

Agree eith crazymum's advice, check out council website. And if you're doing the online form, you can hit "submit" and still change it up to the closing date.

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