Local Kickboxing in the South Glos Area

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Cutler Mon 04-Jan-16 14:26:24

I am looking at sending my 12 year old boy to either a kickboxing or some kind of self defence classes, please can anyone help on locations near the Henbury/Pilning/Bradley Stoke area.

mjcharles Tue 26-Jan-16 16:09:58

Hi Cutler,

I'm not sure about in the Henbury/Pilning/Bradley Stoke areas I'm afraid. However I can definitely recommend the kickboxing classes at Clifton College (taught by a world class champion, def worth travelling for!) and also the boxing classes mentioned on this blog look good as well (http://www.cliftonhotels.com/news/new-year-new-you/) and perhaps marginally closer to the areas you mentioned as well!

Hope this helps. if not then good luck with your search!

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