Looking for a friend in Redland/Bishopston

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Beth83W Thu 12-Nov-15 11:48:50

Hi, I'm Beth and I have a 10 month old daughter, Lauren. We live in Redland, close to Bishopton. I don't have much confidence so haven't got any close friends who live nearby and I want to change this. I'd like to meet with someone who lives close so that we can perhaps go for walks together or go for a hot drink and a chat (unfortunately I can't drive).

I find even the thought of baby groups scary, especially going on my own for the first time. Also - I can't sing! I've heard good things about Kudacan just off Gloucester Road but am scared to go on my own.

I like going for walks, especially around Redland Green. However, with the weather getting worse it would be nice to be able to go for a beverage with someone and sit in the warm too. I should also add that I really really don't like travelling on buses. Lauren and I have been on the Avonmouth-Temple Meads train a couple of times but that is quite tense for both of us :S

When I get my confidence up then I can be a proper chatterbox :-) we have a house rabbit too if you would like to meet him!

It would be great to hear from you, take care, Beth xxx

Ilsongirl Sat 14-Nov-15 20:06:15

Hi Beth

Just wanted to say hello. I think I must live pretty close to do you (Birchall Rd). My kids are at a different stage of life (teenagers) and I'm working a fair bit now but happy to go for a coffee and chat sometime - Sometimes I don't work on Thursdays. Have you tried the Cairns Rd café at lunchtime - or Horfield Baptist Church café and toddler group? I'm not at all religious so not coming from that angle but I always found both places very welcoming when my kids were little. They were the kind of place you could go on your own and get chatting to people. Kate

Beth83W Sun 15-Nov-15 20:28:27

Hi Kate
Great to hear from you. Your message made me smile, thank you for your kindness.
I've been thinking about going to the Cairns Road Café for a while so it's good to hear that it's welcoming (especially as I'm not religious myself either).
Take care, Beth.

cleoteacher Wed 25-Nov-15 14:18:12

How old are you Beth? Good suggestions earlier. I go to those groups and they are very friendly.

Have you though about taking driving lessons? It might hell
P with your independence and confidence as you can get further afield.

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