Spanish or Science GCSE

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StrokeMan007 Wed 16-Sep-15 12:30:57

Hello all - my son (18yrs) needs to take Spanish or a science GCSE as a retake this year. We are new to Bristol. Does anyone know any colleges where he can sit either one ?
Many thanks in advance.

crazymum53 Thu 17-Sep-15 14:37:54

Try City of Bristol College for GCSE retakes.
If you are in North Bristol South Gloucestershie and Stroud College (based at Filton) may also be a possiblity.

StrokeMan007 Wed 23-Sep-15 07:11:33

Thanks Crazymum

alejandramartinez Wed 18-Nov-15 14:56:50

Hello, I am currently learning Spanish in Cactus Language training academy, they provide many language courses
Check their website:

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