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newjeanie Fri 17-Jul-15 14:52:55

Hi everyone, We recently moved into a flat in Redland. Lovely flat but windows are a mess, need refurbishment, probably draft proofing as well. Have left messages and sent emails to a few local firms but they are all ignoring me! Presumably already have lots of work lined up. So is there anyone out there who can recommend a sash window specialist. Would be very grateful!!!

bilbodog Fri 17-Jul-15 15:49:04

it might help if you tell us where Redland is? We are in Buckinghamshire and found a local guy who makes wooden replacement windows and he was able to come round and refurbish our windows and draft proof them etc. I think he was a lot cheaper than some of the larger companies who advertise in glossy magazines and probably offer a nationwide service as well.

exexpat Fri 17-Jul-15 15:58:23

I am in your area, and had the Bristol Sash Window Company do mine earlier this year - I ended up getting double-glazed replacement sashes, but they do renovations as well. They were very efficient, did everything on schedule and to budget etc.

Other neighbours of mine have used M & P and been happy with them, but they didn't turn up (twice) when I made appointments for them to come round and quote. Maybe I got them at a busy time…

There is another local carpenter who has done work for neighbours, including sash renovation - I can't remember his name right now, but I think I have his card somewhere so if I can find it I will post again.

newjeanie Sun 19-Jul-15 12:47:25

Thank you for the responses and the suggestions. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I am in Bristol. Unfortunately I have already contacted the two names mentioned and not got very far. Still waiting for a reply from Bristol Sash Window Comp and M&P only want to do double glazing rather than refurbishment. So any other suggestions gratefully excepted. Why is it so hard to find good tradesmen? Thanks again!

Broccolitree Sun 19-Jul-15 14:01:04

We haven't had it done yet, so can't say to quality, but the sash window company refused to do ours (!) too busy apparently. We are going with ventrolla, who seem ok priced and use a similar system to the sash window company one

Monts4 Mon 27-Jul-15 09:42:07

i haven't used this company but google Wessex Restoration, Nailsea. I have wooden windows ( not sash ) and have asked a carpenter to repair.

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