Orthodontist - 9 yo needing braces??

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bookwormthatturned Mon 06-Jul-15 14:02:07


Has anyone had any experience of local orthodontic specialists? My 9 yo has been sucking their thumb for years and despite various efforts hasn't yet broken the habit. Our dentist is advising to wait til 12/13 before doing anything but I've heard elsewhere that if you take action sooner it can have better results / take less interventions to sort things out.

There seem to be a few specialist orthodontists in Bristol and I'd love to hear anyone else's experiences of using them, or advice on how to deal with the need for braces at this age.


crazymum53 Tue 07-Jul-15 14:06:31

We used this place for braces www.bristolorthodontics.com/clifton and our dd received excellent treatment. Took approx 1 year to sort out and she was in Y4/5 at the time.

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