City Car Club - any experience of?

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cowbiscuits74 Mon 27-Oct-14 19:29:20

Hello do any of you Bristol Mums and Dads use or know someone who has used City Car Club or any other short term car hire place in Bristol as I need a car for a few hours rather than a few days and this seems like a good idea in theory but not done it before and wondering how it is in practice.

crazymum53 Tue 28-Oct-14 16:08:21

The City car Club is only cheaper than hiring a car for a whole day if you use it regularly. We tried it for one year and you have to pay for membership as well as car hire charges. The local car was rarely available when we wanted to use it (at weekends) so it didn't work out for us. You may also need a Bristol address to join.

cowbiscuits74 Tue 28-Oct-14 17:39:04

ok thanks crazymum that is handy to know think I will just hire a car for a whole day - cheers

Tianavitch Tue 28-Oct-14 22:21:38

Still on transport - can anyone recommend a really good and reliable taxi service in Bristol?

niveanavaho Wed 05-Nov-14 12:49:42

I've been a car club member for some years, the cost has gone up a bit, £60 a year, and now the £4.95 or £6.20 ph for a small or medium car has 23p per mile tacked on (when it was included some years back). Petrol is included in these costs - there is a fuel card in the car should you need to fill up. However, mostly I have been able to access the most local (across the road) or next local car (five mins walk) when needed which has been convenient - and of course they are bookable in advance online or on the phone.
I joined as I just needed a car once a week to take my son swimming when he was little. I've stayed because there are random times I can just do with a car for a few hours when my partner has the family one. It is more affordable than having a second car sitting idle most of the time depreciating and still needing tax, mot, insurance,etc; and it's less hassle than going to a car hire place - oh, and I never stopped the direct debit..
Once you are past the four hour mark, a day hire can look better value - though the car club is trying to match this with £25 for 24 hours in special offers and normal day hire is capped at £39/£52 for small or medium cars (plus mileage).
Meanwhile, I have also used the car club car for the odd business trip to train-inaccessible places, the itemised bill makes it easy to claim back and with the hire and miieage charges is generally still cheaper for the organisation than the mileage rates they allow for people driving their own cars.
I would say it depends where you live in proximity to the club cars and hire places, how often you need a car and how well used/available your local cars are. Also if you have to use car seats you need to get child and seat to car - or the other way round..

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