Watermore school in Frampton Cottrell

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hrllodude1234 Fri 24-Oct-14 14:14:51

Hi ya,

We are moving from London and I am looking for reception place for current year and it seems watermore primary school is acedemically outstanding as per KS2 results.
Could you please let know how good it is in other arears and extra curricular activities? and in general how good it is?
And how are the surroundings in general. Thanks a lot.

cowbiscuits74 Mon 27-Oct-14 17:20:15

hrllodude, sorry don't know the answer, just marking my place so I can follow other replies as looking to move to the area next year. Did the LEA say there is a place at Watermore for your DC?

hrllodude1234 Tue 28-Oct-14 10:58:58

yes LEA said There is a place in reception for this year

cowbiscuits74 Tue 28-Oct-14 18:38:09

have you tried posting on other sites as school is in S Glos rather than Bristol LEA and this site doesn't have a S Glos local. netmums has an active S Glos. board if you wanted to try posting there

lovinglapland Sat 01-Nov-14 21:49:29

I have a friend with children in KS1 at Watermore, and she has been very happy so far. I'm not too sure of details regarding extra curricular etc. but if you call the school next week they should be able to provide you with a current list of opportunities. Frampton Cottrell and Winterbourne are very nice established residential areas about 6 miles north of central Bristol. There are a few local shops but for anything 'decent' you would need to go into Bristol or Cribbs Causeway which is about 3 miles away. There are local leisure facilities, for children and a decent Virgin gym fairly locally, a library, and plenty of groups such as brownies, cubs, drama etc. They are not what you would call diverse, cultural areas, but if you are happy with family friendly, safe and pleasant and quite leafy then it will suit you. Central Bristol has a lot going on and is not far away.

hrllodude1234 Mon 03-Nov-14 20:55:07

Hi lovinglapland,

Thank you very much for the info. sure will call school to find out more.

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